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How Lead Exposure Can Happen

Lead poisoning is one biggest environmental threat to the health of people who have been exposed. When lead dust is breathed-in, the body absorbs higher levels of lead. However, in many cases, it doesn’t matter if a person also swallows, or absorbs lead particles in...

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Silica Dust Is a Major Workplace Health Hazard

One of the most abundant minerals found in the earth’s crust is silica. Most construction products contain crystalline silica, which is a common form of this mineral. Some construction products that have silica present in them are sand, stone, shale, sandstone,...

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Need for Bacteria Inspection in Commercial Spaces

In accordance with Australian Government standards, it could be necessary to have a Bacterial Inspection of your commercial premises done to ensure regulatory compliance. To safeguard customers, employees and stakeholders and protect the occupant’s health, any...

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Different Types of Mould Sampling

Property owners are often concerned about the safety of their property and the health of their families, employees or customers. Hence it is important to identify the nature and extent of mould contamination. If your home or business is in need of an unbiased mould...

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Signs of a Meth Contaminated House

Methamphetamine use has been continuously on the rise in Australia over the years. Hence it is highly probable that you may be purchasing or living in a property that has been contaminated by meth at some time in the past. Meth contamination in living environments is...

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Asbestos in Your Workplaces

Exposure to asbestos fibres can be very dangerous at workplaces as most people spend a major part of the day there. It is important to make a place of work safer for everyone. Identifying asbestos presence in your place of work is the first step. NCPI has years of...

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