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Be Informed of Lead Sources and Lead Exposure.

Lead is a natural element found in all parts of our environment - the air, the soil, the water. Although it has some beneficial uses, prolonged exposure can have bad health effects. Lead exposure from paint, dust and soil, and other sources in and around your...

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Health Hazards of Silica Dust Exposure

Silica dust exposure through respirable silica is extremely hazardous to our health. Silica is found abundantly in the environment around us in the form of Silicon Dioxide, in crystalline and amorphous forms. The crystalline form of silica is a commonly found mineral...

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Reasons to get a Bacteria Inspection

Bacteria are a large part of our environment. They are thought to have been one of the first organisms to appear on earth. Bacteria are simple, single-celled microbes which exist both inside and outside organisms. A lot of bacteria play a helping role in our...

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Mould Testing Techniques

Pic credit: wikimedia Mould is everywhere around us, though what makes it dangerous to our health is the levels of mould. If you suspect mould growing in your home or property or recognize a strong musty odour, it can call for mould testing. Mould assessment can be...

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The Harmful Effects of Meth

Pic credit: Flickr Methamphetamine, which is also popularly called as meth is a type of a drug which is illegal. Meth falls into the same category as cocaine and other types of street drugs. Some of the many common nicknames include- meth, crank, chalk or speed....

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Asbestos: What it actually is

Pic credit: flickr Asbestos is a mineral that occurs naturally and is pulled till a soft texture is formed. Although the fibers are very soft and flexible in nature, it is durable to electricity, heat and rust. As these fibers are very firm and robust, they are used...

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