Methamphetamine use has been continuously on the rise in Australia over the years. Hence it is highly probable that you may be purchasing or living in a property that has been contaminated by meth at some time in the past.

Meth contamination in living environments is a problem that is not going to go away. Many a times, the biggest threat to properties is not only that they have been used as meth labs, but simply the fact that meth has been used there in some form or the other.

Though you may not realise it, a meth contaminated house is one which has been smoked inside regularly. In these instances, the contamination readings will show up as high as those produced by a meth lab.

Are you in the process of purchasing a new home? Are you moving into a new rental? Are you concerned about a property you own? You can have the property validated by professionals to ensure it is safe & clean from meth contamination. At NCPI, we provide meth inspection, sampling, analysis and reporting services all across Australia.

Before finalising your decision, pay attention to any indication that you may be living in a house with a history of meth contamination. Your health and that of your family depends on it. Here are a few warning signs of a meth contaminated house.

Be wary of properties that are priced suspiciously low.

Long term damage to the property may cause property owners to quote low prices. If a price seems too good to be true to you, be alert. There must be a reason for such a low price on a property. It could potentially be due to damage caused by meth use.

It is important to be observant throughout any visit to the property.  Do as much research as possible before the buying process.

Meth houses are usually in a rundown condition.

It is not uncommon for meth houses to be in unsanitary conditions. Does the property seem to be in a messy state or suspiciously tarnished? Look out for deep stains on the walls and carpet. Meth use leaves chemical stains that will look similar to nicotine stains. They will often be sticky and with a yellow residue. These are strong indications that meth use has occurred on the property.

Meth residue leaves a strong odour.

Meth residue leaves a scent that is quite recognisable. If you encounter any smells on the property, like that of rotting eggs, ammonia, acetone, urine or vinegar, you should rightly be suspicious. Be sure to discuss it with the property manager pre-purchase or pre-rental.

Meth based chemicals are often dumped in the compound.

Meth production requires the use of hazardous, corrosive, or flammable chemicals. It creates toxic waste like battery acid and harmful contaminants. These corrosive liquids endanger the environment and people in the area to radioactive chemicals.

Are they any signs of disturbed areas in the property compound or garden? Interrupted landscaping and visible stains on the garden soil are some things to look out for and could be potential signs of a meth contaminated house due to dumping.

Get your property inspected by professionals.

Meth contamination is typically invisible. Save your family time, money, and health hazards by having the property tested by the best in the industry. NCPI has experts to handle professional methamphetamine testing and screening of your home or property.

Samples are taken throughout the property, and each sample is placed into a uniquely identified individual tube. We use a laboratory based screening method to validate if the property is contaminated with meth.

We can confirm both the type and level of contamination present within the property. At NCPI, we also provide a detailed assessment and analysis for each sample location.

Vehicle dealers and owners can also have their company vehicles or private motor vehicles tested for methamphetamine. Get in touch with our specialists here or on 0413952683.

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