The hygienists at NCPI have the expertise in asbestos analysis to help you make the right decisions in an effort to protect the wellbeing of your family and employees.
NCPI ensures that the results you get from meth testing are accurate. This invisible contaminant has become a very real issue for the property owners and tenants alike. We provide assessments for:
Exposure to damp and mouldy environments may cause a variety of health issues. NCPI’s highly experienced team will test your property for a possible mould outbreak.
Get your domestic and commercial properties tested for safe levels of lead dust exposure by NCPI.
Living in an environment containing pathogenic bacteria is harmful for you and those around you. Have the professionals at NCPI perform an accurate bacteria inspection.
Inspection for crystalline silica dust in your premises is essential. It can pose as a serious health hazard by getting lodged in your respiratory tract and puncturing your lungs.

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