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Organisations have strong anti-drug policy, however they sometimes do not back up their policies with regular checks of company vehicles. As an employer, checking of fleet vehicles is one facet of an effective drug detection plan. 

For vehicle dealers, preventing a “meth car” from ever getting on to the car yard lot is important. Checking the history of a vehicle through a car meth test service ensures that situation does not arise.

It is important to note that methamphetamine isn’t tied to any particular socio-economic class, with evidence of methamphetamine contamination being found in luxury vehicles as well as family cars.

What vehicles can be tested?

Any vehicle with an enclosed area can be tested:

  • Trucks
  • Cars
  • Buses
  • Earth-moving machinery (Backhoes, Excavators, Bobcats, etc.)
  • Industrial equipment
  • Boats
  • Camper vans or motor homes

If you are interested in methamphetamine testing for your company vehicles or private motor vehicles, contact us on 0413 952 683.


In this test, several samples are taken from the property and mixed in one test tube. It is then sent to the lab for testing.
The results will give an accumulative total.


Individual samples are taken in separate tubes and referred to the laboratory for analysis.
The laboratory extracts a specific amount from each individual tube and the results are an average
of the samples taken.

Field Composite

For up to 10 rooms: $195+gst

To obtain a quote for a larger property, please call Albert 0425 248 453 or Deborah 0413 952 683.


Testing is cost effective for customers.


This testing confirms contamination but does not provide exact locations and levels of contamination.

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Laboratory Composite

To obtain a quote, please call Albert 0425 248 453 or Deborah 0413 952 683


If contamination is present, the laboratory still has the individual samples and can conduct further analysis to provide the exact location and levels of contamination. There is no need for re-attendance of the site.


Since the samples are taken individually, collection takes longer with an increased cost

  • Meth is commonly found in properties that look clean.
  • Meth has been found in properties where the owner and their families lived for a number of years. Often the owner was unaware someone in their home was using meth.
  • Owners have often painted the rooms to hide the presence of meth. Painting does not remove the toxic residue.
  • Meth has been found in properties with many different values. There have been million dollar homes where high levels of meth have been found.

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